Get lost in Alfamas small streets and alleys

Alfama streets
Alfama streets

Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the Castle  and Tagus river.

Its name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning fountains or baths. This medieval district (once a Moorish and Jewish quarter before it became a fishing community) is by far Lisbon’s most emblematic quarter. A village inside the city, made of narrow streets, tiny squares, churches, and whitewashed houses that survived the 1755 earthquake thanks to its foundations on dense bedrock adorned with tile panels, pots of flowers and laundry hanging on a line from the balconies.

There is no better way to discover Alfama neighborhood than putting away your maps and getting lost in its streets, alleys and small squares, allowing your senses to be the guides. Along the way you will experience some magnificent views of the city and river, smell some of the freshest fish being grilled around the corner, hear the sounds of Fado coming out of a restaurant and visit some amazing churches.

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