Enjoy Lisbon views from one of its gorgeous viewpoints

View from Sta Luzia viewpoint in Lisbon
View from Sta Luzia viewpoint

There is no doubt that Lisbon is not the easiest city to walk because of its 7 hills. Still, it may just have some of the best views any city can offer. Throughout Lisbon hills you can find viewpoints that offer a great chance to relax over breathtaking views.

Here’s just a few of them:

–          Santa Cataria viewpoint – this terrace is a great place to relax for a while either at the quiosk or at the Noobai café. With great views over the city and river, this is a popular hangout for the city’s bohemian crowd;

–          São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint – just by Bairro Alto this is one of the most popular viewpoints with a pleasant garden and great views over the Castle;

–          Santa Luzia viewpoint – this small terrace offers views of Alfama rooftops, all the way down to the river and the dome of National Pantheon;

–          Portas do Sol viewpoint – this is another popular viewpoint in Lisbon from where you can see the medieval maze and whitewashed monuments of the city’s oldest neighbourhood, Alfama, all the way down to the river;

–          Graça viewpoint – further up and now facing the west, Graça’s viewpoint trees provide shade for a snack with amazing views over city, the river and the bridge;

–          S. Jorge’s Castle – here you have the most complete view of all Lisbon, its redtile rooftops, the river all the way to the ocean and the bridge;

–          Christ Monument – on the south bank of the river, right above the bridge, the Christ monument offers another and a different view of the whole city.


Sintra is a World Heritage Site and is a must see when you are in Portugal. This fairytail mountain is filled with castel, palaces and gardens scatered and hided through the lushed green tall trees. It’s no wonder that National Geographic considers Sintra as one of the world’s most beautiful places and one of the 100 most unforgettable destinations.

After visit the Pena Palace and the Castle make a stop in the village in a very well known café “Piriquita” to recharge batteries and eat traditional cakes: “Queijadas” and “Travesseiros” (means pillows in English). Travesseiros are very very very sweat, be careful if you want to go for 2nd round the stomach may complaint.


Sintra, Lisbon, Pena Palace, Sea
Sintra, Lisbon, Pena Palace, Sea